Real Estate 101 – Improving your sales pitch

A great presentation in my opinion is key to success in any industry but more so if you are selling real estate. You need to carry yourself out with a certain flair that captures your clients trust. Your sales pitch must be engulfed with so much positive energy and passion that it will absorb into your clients decision to buy your product. Remember positive vibes attracts positive sales!

Dressing well has become a norm for me and I have my folks to thank for that. I was brought up in a world where appearance was everything. If I wasn’t dressed well enough to see the Queen, I was not allowed to leave the house(No kidding!). They also taught me the importance of addressing everyone in the room.Β I’m not talking about presenting yourself well in just fashion but also presenting through your personality in a warm and engaging way. Because of these great habits my parents have instilled in me it has helped me become a great sales person today. I often see other Real Estate agents crash and burn because they are not well dressed or they are not putting enough effort to engage with their buyer.


Always dress your best when meeting potential clients.You are selling property which means your aesthetic eye is put to the test. If you are dressed poorly, it reflects on your ability to find property that looks beautiful. Also, it gives you a major boost in your confidence and shows in your selling skills. If you feel like a boss, you will sell like a boss!

A great personality is everything. In my opinion, if someone is being genuinely nice and bubbly it makes them so much prettier than they already are. It’s like adding chocolate sprinkles onto ice cream. It tastes just a little bit better. Having said that it also applies to the opposite. If someone is being a bitch, it will make them look ugly. Let’s face it, clients don’t want to deal with someone who is difficult. Creating that connection with your buyer is crucial. You have to be very likable in order for them to trust you! After all it’s property they are buying which can cost up millions! They want someone who is easy to talk to, efficient and genuine. If you start giving them attitude they are less likely to buy your product. A great tip I always apply is to imagine your client is your best friend. This way you will envision the best for your clients and will create positive vibes through your presentation. Being nice pays off!

These are just two tips you can incorporate into your sales pitch and let me know if see results. It definitely worked for me!

Do you have any tips on presentation? I’d love to hear from you!

Shoes – Charles and Keith, Trousers – Topshop, Blazer – LoveBonito, Bag – Celine

Photography by Chan Waiwah