Marble @ OneKL


Dress – Topshop, Bag – Celine, Shoes – Shoes Shoes Shoes, Cuff – Hermes, Shades – Quay

I was taking a stroll around KLCC with my photographer, Waiwah trying to find the perfect spot for photos. We were wandering around for a good 30 mins through the park, Marc residence, Jalan Kia Peng then alas the perfect spot! What caught my eye wasn’t the twin towers but the gorgeous marble exterior of One KL. There’s something about marble that just exudes luxury and class. I love it! The entire entrance of One KL was covered with marble. I’d never seen anything like it in any development in Malaysia. I can imagine living there and feeling like royalty!

Top 5 expat areas in Kuala Lumpur

Expat rich locations are always the best places to invest. Why? Because expats have a high rental budget and are always on the lookout for places to rent. They usually stay in the country for short periods of time which means there’s no point for them to invest in a house which is great for us property investors to provide them with an amazing place to stay. Most of them are given an allowance from their employers as a rental budget and is usually in foreign currency $$!!
So where are these expat gold mines? I’ve listed all the best expat rich areas down below!


  1. Β Mont Kiara


(The Icon, Mont Kiara)

One of the highest expat flooded areas in Malaysia because of 3 international schools in the vicinity : Garden International School, Mont Kiara International School & French International School. Expat mums would also prefer to stay somewhere close to their kids school since most them are housewives. Popular developments in the area include Verve suites, Icon and 1 Mont Kiara. With an average price per sqft of RM700 and great ammenities in the area, the expat community is continuing to grow.Β The only worry about living in Mont Kiara is the traffic on peak times can be quite deadly –Β  I’m talking about moving 30 metres in 2 hours! So nowadays people prefer to live on the Publika side of Mont Kiara. Agile Mont Kiara is an up and coming one in that area, located moments away from Publika, on freehold land and residential title. To find out more click about Agile Mont Kiara click here.
2. Tropicana


(Lumi Tropicana)

Home of the Tropicana Golf Resort, Tropicana has seen more expats moving into the vicinity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Tropicana area is known for it’s luxurious homes at an average price of RM1000 per square foot. Popular developments around area include Tropicana Grande, Rianna Green and Tropicana Indah. The most exciting up and coming development out in 2019 is Lumi Tropicana developed by the Thriven group. It sits on 6.2 acres of land with 4 towers and 744 units altogether. With St John’s International School, Sunway Giza and Tropicana City Mall in close vicinity, it’s hard for expats not to live in there! Click here to find out more about Lumi Tropicana.
3. KLCC area


(Petronas Twin Towers)

Located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur this area has expats and tourists roaming around exploring every corner of this beautiful city. What foreigner wouldn’t like to live right next to tallest office building in the world a.k.a. Petronas Twin Towers? Very little would say no! Most expats are given free housing in this area such as The Oval. Other developments that are popular among the expat crowds are My Habitat, Vipod & Setia Sky Residences. With an average price of RM1300 per sqft and amazing views of the KL city skyline the expat population continues to increase day by day! A great investment for AirBnB rentals in my opinion is M101 Skywheel. With many firsts in the world : First sky retail mall, First sky Ferris Wheel, First planet hollywood hotel in the world and First building in Asia designed by studio F.A. Porsche. With a perfect view of the KL city sky line, it’s hard for tourists to like it. Click here to find out more about M101 SkyWheel.
4. Ampang


(Ukay Heights)

Fairly close to KLCC, most of the foreign embassies sit along Jalan Ampang therefore many diplomats choose to live in here. International schools in the area include Sayfol International School and ISKL. The great thing about Ampang is there is a great selection of landed property and an affordable average price of RM400 per sqft! Ukay heights is a popular landed development filling up with expats. With at least 3,500 sqft of built up area, expats live here if landed property is requirement.
5. Bangsar


(Bangsar Shopping Centre)

High on the preferred list of many discerning expats, Bangsar’s appeal can be attributed to the community-based facilities/amenities. With notable malls such as Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village and trendy bars in Telawi, within walking distance from the residential areas, we’ve seen more and more expats making Bangsar their home! RM1000 per sqft is the average price per sqft.


So there it is the top 5 expat areas in Kuala Lumpur. If you have any queries or would like to invest in these areas drop me a message! I will do all I can to help.

Real Estate 101 – Improving your sales pitch

A great presentation in my opinion is key to success in any industry but more so if you are selling real estate. You need to carry yourself out with a certain flair that captures your clients trust. Your sales pitch must be engulfed with so much positive energy and passion that it will absorb into your clients decision to buy your product. Remember positive vibes attracts positive sales!

Dressing well has become a norm for me and I have my folks to thank for that. I was brought up in a world where appearance was everything. If I wasn’t dressed well enough to see the Queen, I was not allowed to leave the house(No kidding!). They also taught me the importance of addressing everyone in the room.Β I’m not talking about presenting yourself well in just fashion but also presenting through your personality in a warm and engaging way. Because of these great habits my parents have instilled in me it has helped me become a great sales person today. I often see other Real Estate agents crash and burn because they are not well dressed or they are not putting enough effort to engage with their buyer.


Always dress your best when meeting potential clients.You are selling property which means your aesthetic eye is put to the test. If you are dressed poorly, it reflects on your ability to find property that looks beautiful. Also, it gives you a major boost in your confidence and shows in your selling skills. If you feel like a boss, you will sell like a boss!

A great personality is everything. In my opinion, if someone is being genuinely nice and bubbly it makes them so much prettier than they already are. It’s like adding chocolate sprinkles onto ice cream. It tastes just a little bit better. Having said that it also applies to the opposite. If someone is being a bitch, it will make them look ugly. Let’s face it, clients don’t want to deal with someone who is difficult. Creating that connection with your buyer is crucial. You have to be very likable in order for them to trust you! After all it’s property they are buying which can cost up millions! They want someone who is easy to talk to, efficient and genuine. If you start giving them attitude they are less likely to buy your product. A great tip I always apply is to imagine your client is your best friend. This way you will envision the best for your clients and will create positive vibes through your presentation. Being nice pays off!

These are just two tips you can incorporate into your sales pitch and let me know if see results. It definitely worked for me!

Do you have any tips on presentation? I’d love to hear from you!

Shoes – Charles and Keith, Trousers – Topshop, Blazer – LoveBonito, Bag – Celine

Photography by Chan Waiwah