Marble @ OneKL


Dress – Topshop, Bag – Celine, Shoes – Shoes Shoes Shoes, Cuff – Hermes, Shades – Quay

I was taking a stroll around KLCC with my photographer, Waiwah trying to find the perfect spot for photos. We were wandering around for a good 30 mins through the park, Marc residence, Jalan Kia Peng then alas the perfect spot! What caught my eye wasn’t the twin towers but the gorgeous marble exterior of One KL. There’s something about marble that just exudes luxury and class. I love it! The entire entrance of One KL was covered with marble. I’d never seen anything like it in any development in Malaysia. I can imagine living there and feeling like royalty!

An afternoon stroll


Thigh High Boots – Vintage, Skirt – HnM, Top – Select, SnakeSkin Clutch – Qulit, Poncho –

What I missed most about London was enjoying a nice stroll. It’s not like Malaysia when the moment you’re outdoors, you can’t wait even a second to step into an air-conditioned filled room(Malaysian’s you know what I’m talking about). Whenever I’m here I don’t even take Uber’s. Public transport and old fashioned walking becomes my main mode of transport. I love admiring London’s gorgeous traditional exteriors even in it’s coldest temperatures. Luckily for me, winter hasn’t been extremely freezing. It’s currently at an average of 9 degrees. So I decided to take out my trusty camera and tripod around Regent Street. Hope you all like it.

When in London


Turtleneck – Uniqlo, Skirt – HnM, Shoes – Alexander Wang, Bag – Celine, Fur – Vintage

It’s great to be back in the beautiful city of London. The aesthetic buildings, the cold weather, it’s a nice change from sunny Malaysia. Always a joy taking a breather here. The best part about being here is I get to wear all my winter clothes again!! Yay! Also heading to Venice with Tom next week. Excitement level 1000+

NYE 2015




Dress – ShoesShoesShoes, Bag – Chanel, Shoes – ShoesShoesShoes

Happy belated new years to everyone! I know it’s a little late but with all the crazy new years celebrations I haven’t had the time to update ze blog. Without further ado here is what I wore on NYE 2015. Have an awesomeย 2015.ย May this year be amazing for all of you.